“MIBISOC: Medical Imaging Using Bio-inspired and Soft Computing” is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network granted by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Program (FP7 PEOPLE-ITN- 2008). The main goal of MIBISOC is to create a training programme where 16 enrolled early-stage researchers (ESRs) will be exposed to a wide variety of SC and BC techniques, as well as to the challenge of applying them to different situations and problems within the different MI stages.

The general area of this project deals with the application of intelligent systems constituted by Bio-inspired (BC) and Soft Computing (SC) techniques to real-world MI applications. Medical imaging (MI) is at the heart of many of today’s improved diagnostic and treatment technologies. Computer-based solutions are vastly more capable of both quantitative measurement of the medical condition and the pre-processing tasks of filtering, sharpening, and focusing image detail. Bio-inspired and Soft Computing (BC, SC) techniques have been successfully applied in each of the fundamental steps of medical image processing and analysis (e.g. restoration, segmentation, registration or tracking). The natural partnership of humans and intelligent systems and machines in MI is to provide the clinician with powerful tools to take better decisions regarding diagnostic and treatment. This project aims to surpass the state of the art approaches applying intelligent systems constituted by SC-BC techniques to real-world MI applications.

The partnership is composed of world-wide recognized researchers from 8 high quality scientific institutions (6 Universities, a R&D centres and a SME) that are involved as full partners, and 4 high quality technical partners (a hospital, a SME, a Medical Company and a R&D centre) that will provide relevant industrial and medical experience to the ESRs. The collaboration of experts from the area of MI with those working on BC and SC applications to computer vision will generate new and viable methods and solutions from the combined ideas of these communities. The presence of both research and technical partners in the network, including hospitals and companies, will provide the appropriate framework for application domain focused research. The trained ESRs will acquire a strong background for the development of intelligent systems based on BC-SC providing flexible application-oriented solutions to current MI problems in the clinical and research field.

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