The European Centre for Soft Computing in collaboration with the prestigious Fundación Ramón Areces organised a Forum on Business Analytics Forum in Madrid on 24th January 2011.

The Technology Forum "Intelligent Systems in Food Industry" was held on the 22nd of May, 2007. This forum was attended by a large group of businessmen in the food industry (meat, dairy and beverage industries), experts from universities and technology centres, and counted on the special participation of the Director General for Food and Agriculture of the Principality.

In this forum, the participants presented and discussed on various applications of intelligent data analysis in the food industry. Some areas of special interest such as the automated methods of sensory analysis were identified, as well as the use of Soft Computing techniques in quality control, the modelling of consumer habits and the prediction of patterns of demand for new products. Specifically, it was stated the possibility of launching an ambitious project coordinated by the Government of the Principality in order to develop intelligent tools for sensory analysis of products from Asturias.

The European Centre for Soft Computing and AEI del conocimiento de Asturias organized a logistic and transport forum on 5th of April 2011 at the Asturias Building of Science and Technology Park of Gijón.

ICT technologies represent a strategic for the growth, maturation and processing for logistics and transport, increasing competitiveness and productivity among the sector companies. ICT are key for the modernization of public policies and facilitate the implementation of European and national regulations to local governments, key for the development of the sector.

In this context, this forum has been an interesting meeting point between the different agents of TIC, logistics and transport fields.

Forum on Business Analytics

Logistics and Transport forum

One of the activities developed by the ECSC to approach companies were Technology Forums. These forums facilitated new links between the research and business worlds in order to promote R&D projects and improve technology transfer. An important characteristic of these meetings was that companies had a leading role since they presented their problems and needs of R&D so that researchers understood how they could help companies.

The third technology forum "Intelligent Systems in Renewable Energy" was held on the 14th of November, 2007. In this working meeting, which was attended by a large number of companies from the energy sector and experts from universities and research institutes, were presented some of the current applications of soft computing techniques in the energy sector such as the use of genetic and evolutionary algorithms in the comprehensive design of wind farms. In the discussion that followed these presentations, was considered a project managed by the Principality of Asturias to set up a comprehensive collection of biomass for processing / manufacturing. They were also discussed several questions about the different renewable energies, trying to find solutions through the application of Soft Computing to problems facing this sector. From this forum emerged a project for prediction of wind energy production with the company Neo Energía.

Applications of Interactive Digital Terrestrial Television

Intelligent Systems in Renewable Energy

On January 31st, 2007, the European Centre for Soft Computing (ECSC) organized the first Technology Forum, where a large group of businessmen from automotive industry and experts from R+D centres met. The forum confirmed that the application of soft computing techniques in the automotive sector is being very active, in view of the large number and variety of solutions already implemented by many companies worldwide and the promising field of application still open. More locally, the forum helped to bring together different research centres and the companies of the sector in Asturias, showing the real possibility of interaction in order to solve problems of interest for the latter, such as optimization of production systems based on assembly lines, or control and diagnosis of failures and components reliability.

Intelligent Systems in the Agro-food Industry

Intelligent Systems in the Automotive Industry

The IV Forum "Applications of Interactive Digital Terrestrial Television" took place in the Feria de Muestras of Gijón on March, 11th, in 2008. It described the current situation of DTT, aspects of interactivity and experiences of use around different projects. In the same context there were several demonstrations where attendees could try out new interactive services and established personal contact with the staff of the promoting companies and organizations.

As a complementary activity to the conferences, there was a technical seminar given by experts from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and in which the development of interactive applications for digital television was deeply described.